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Explore premium employee gift boxes for recognizing and rewarding your team.

Featured Drop

The search for the perfect holiday gift is over: Impress team members with this cozy care package starring a self-heating mug and Stumptown coffee beans.

Warm Wishes



Give a heartfelt thanks for everything your team’s pulled off this year with this trio of sweet, comforting, and decadent Drops, created just for the season.


Go ahead, make a big deal about the moments that matter—from their first week in the office to a well-earned promotion.


Show your employees just how appreciated they are with exceptional gifts for celebrating birthdays, big wins, and more.


Filled with playful and practical delights, Original Drops are created to inspire, surprise, and refresh your team with special thematic collections.

Low Effort, High Impact

Drops gift boxes are designed as an easy way to brighten the workplace experience, with employee morale, motivation, and retention in mind.

Packed with modern essentials, outstanding snacks, and a dose of play, each on-demand gift box is curated and fulfilled by us on your company’s behalf.

How It Works

Easy Ordering

Just upload recipients’ names and email addresses (e.g. by CSV).

Fast Redemption

Team members receive an email to self-redeem their gifts.

Pre-Schedule Gifts

Plan Drops for the year ahead, so you can set it and forget it.

Upgrade Office Life

New Stand provides dynamic and practical solutions to improve the workplace experience. We do the heavy lifting, you get the credit.